review policy

hello everyone!

i am extremely honored and grateful for the fact that you’re considering me to review your novel. however, there are a few very important guidelines and rules that i wish for any author, publisher, and/or publicist to read before contacting me.


it is important for everyone, whether reader or author, to note that my reviews will always be completely authentic, honest, and true to myself, which also means to my readers.

i have no desire to write reviews and recommendations that don’t reflect opinions of my own.


while i am open to giving anything other than non-fiction and poetry novels a chance, i typically only read books that fall under the young adult genre – specifically science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary.

i also tend to be drawn to books that are diverse whether it be in the form of sexuality, race, and/or mental health.


depending on how interested i am in a book that i am being asked to read and review, i may ask for a physical copy to be sent. however, i have no problem reading an e-book, or a digital copy through netgalley.


once again, depending on how interested i am in a book or how i feel after reading it, i am open to hosting things such as reveals, giveaways, book tours, and interviews.

contact me

if you’re still interested in having me review you or your client’s novel, please email me at or fill out the form on this page.

when writing your request, include the following information:

  • title
  • genre
  • formatting
  • est. length
  • short summary
  • (opt.) when is the release release date and/or the time you would like this posted
  • (opt.) how diverse is your book and are there any potential triggers for an audience within your book
  • (opt.) if you’re interested, please tell me if there is anything such as a giveaway or interview you would like me to host

thank you all for understanding and reading